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ID: KRO1605 Posted on: 19-Sep-2018
Shrimp Farm 45 Acre for sale at Ezhupunna Alappuzha

Shrimp Farm 45 Acre for sale at Ezhupunna, Alappuzha

Location and Nature of the Land

Close to the Arabian Sea. The 45 acre shrimp farm is located at South Ezhupunna in Alappuzha district in Kerala. The city of Kochi is just 20 kms away and the Cochin International Airport is at a distance of 50 km. This is a part of 5000 acres of backwater farms spread across the Western belt of Cherthala Taluk. These farms are below sea level and are categorized as wet land in Government records.

The length of the outer bunds of this 45 acre farm is about 2 km. There is another 1 km long inner bunds., which partition the farm into 5 ponds, thus the total length of the bunds in and around the farm is about 3 km. The outer bunds are protected by strong retaining walls. At present about 250 coconut trees adorn these bunds.

Previously these farms were used for paddy cultivation during monsoon season and shrimp / fish culture during the rest of the year. But now a days paddy cultivation is seldom done in this area as it is unviable.

Potential of the land

1. Aqua Culture / Shrimp farming

The farm with 1 to 1.5 meter depth is ideally suited for shrimp culture. The farm has good pumping facilities with a 30 hp motor and the allied Petty-Para system and 3 phase electricity connection at agricultural tariff and four concrete sluice gates for controlling in flow and out flow of water.

If scientifically and methodically done Aqua culture is one of the most roaring business generating huge profits in short period. Shrimp which has high export value is the most preferred item for aqua  culture. Tiger shrimp takes only 90 days to grow into 50 gram size which costs Rs.800/kg. Venamei shrimp culture is also done with very high density stocking. In both cases shrimp worth 4 to 5 crore rupees  can be produced from this farm of 45 acres in just 4 months operation by adopting scientific methods. This is proven and regularly done in Andhra, Tamilnadu and now in Kerala also.


There are about 250 young and yielding coconut trees on the 3 km long bunds in the farm. There is space for planting another 250 more trees. Besides ripe and tender coconuts which fetch good price, these trees are also used for toddy / Neera tapping. Each tree can produce 3 litres of Neera and the income from 500 trees would be more than Rs.1 Crore annually. Again, this is possible only if the trees are looked after properly.


The enchanting and mesmerizing scenic beauty coupled with absolute serenity makes this sprawling palm fringed lagoon farm a highly potential place for putting up an ambitious tourist / Ayurvedic  resort. The presence of shrimp and other fishes in the farm would be an added attraction for the tourists. The Kerala government encourage and promote echo friendly and responsible Farm tourism.

The infrastructural requirements for tourism can be constructed without filling up even an inch of the wet land, although legally 5% of the total farm area can be converted for tourism purpose. The already existing half a kilometre long central bund dotted with coconut trees in the farm can be made the life line of the resort. Independent rooms/wooden cottages of 300 sq.ft or more can be constructed on pillars in the farm on either side if the central bund at a height of 3 mters above the water level. Each room may then be connected to the central bund with small wooden bridge. If forty rooms are constructed in this manner each room will be at a  distance of more than 10 meters. The other infrastructural requirements like restaurants etc can be constructed similarly.

See the sample elevation attached.

Briefly the ROI in Tourism:-

Approximate cost of construction of 40 cottages                                                               3,60,00,000

Cost of other facilities and miscellaneous                                                                         3,00,00,000

Total investment                                                                                                            6,60,00,000


Daily rental income from 40 rooms @Rs.10,000 per pax                                                        4,00,000

Annual income at an average 50% occupancy                                                                   7,20,00,000

Minus annual operational expenses at 35%                                                                       2,52,00,000

Net annual income                                                                                                          4,68,00,000

Break even in less than two years.

Experienced consultants here charge about 4 to 5 lakhs rupees for preparing a comprehensive echo friendly and responsible Tourism Project containing minute details of all aspects.

Shrimp Farming:-

The 45 acres Shrimp farm is in the midst of beautiful back waters of Alappuzha. The farm has good pumping facilities with 3 phase electricity connection at agricultural tariff. The outer bunds of the farm are supported by expensive retaining wall.

Shrimp culture generate huge profits in short period. Tiger shrimp takes only 90 days to grow into 50 gram size which fetches a price of Rs.800 / kg. Shrimp worth 4 to 5 crore rupees can be produced from this farm of 45 acres in just 4 months operation, if scientifically done. This is proven and regularly done in Andhra, Tamilnadu and now in Kerala also.

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